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Therapist Notes – Sternocleidomastoid

The sternocleidomastoid muscle is complex in its structure, function, and impact on regulation. In earlier editions of her manual, Travell refers to it as “Amazingly Complex.” Treatment, with lasting results, can be complex and require self-care follow-up. This muscle muscle crosses a number of joints and has complex nerve relationships. Learn more in this post …

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Self Care – Sternocleidomastoid

The sternocleidomastoid is complex and produces many different symptoms. These self-care exercises work for any of the posts about sternocleidomastoid. Managing this muscle has benefits ranging from calming your anxiety to headaches around the brow, headache in the forehead, or getting rid of a nagging cough. This guy looks so sophisticated and peaceful, and I …

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Sternocleidomastoid – Functional Anatomy

Sternocleidomastoid Anatomy. The sternocleidomastoid is a two-headed muscle that extends obliquely along the lateral neck. Origin: The sternal head attaches to the superior aspect of the manubrium. The clavicular head attaches to the medial third of the clavicle. Insertion: Both heads merge and attach to the mastoid process of the temporal bone and lateral third …

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Self Care – Cough less and cough with less pain

When you stop coughing, continue to practice social distancing. Act responsibly in protecting the health of yourself and others. Practically speaking, you can stimulate the skin in a waythat reduces the frequency and pain of coughing. This is based on a neurological principle discovered by English surgeon John Hilton. Loosely stated, hot, cold and pain …

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Self Care – Calm Yourself In 3 minutes with Ice-and-Stretch

Polyvagal theory is complex, It proposes that vagus nerve function impacts our ability to stay calm and read people in a non-threatening way. It was developed by Steven Porges who has a number of videos about it on-line. Practically speaking, when I use techniques that focus on improving vagus nerve function people are less anxious. …

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Quick and easy hangover relief

Client’s Description Crapulence – Sickness caused by excessive drinking. 2. Excessive indulgence; intemperance. [From late Latin crāpulentus, very drunk, from Latin crāpula, intoxication, from Greek kraipalē.] crap′u·lent adj. People complain of headache, nausea, and misery that follow a night of excessive drinking. Unlike my other posts, people don’t come into my office complaining of this. This is usually …

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Do You Find Trigger Point Illustrations Confusing?

Most books and sites on trigger points are usually focused on a the characteristics of a trigger point. They help you primarily understand its areas of referral, impaired functions, sensation, activities of onset, etc. If you’re a therapist that can be interesting for detailed assessment. Most people are overwhelmed by all that. I’d venture to …

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Headache in the Forehead

People touch a spot above their eye and say, “The headache is right here in my forehead.” When both sides of the neck are involved, they rub their hand across their forehead. Then, they close their eyes say that it hurts all the way across.  Clients usually don’t tell their massage therapist that their ears bother …

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Headache Around The Eyebrow

People trace around their eyebrow with their fingers and say, “I have a headache right here.” When I ask, they sometimes describe the pain behind the ear and might talk about the pain on top of their head. Once in a great while, this muscle only creates the spot on top of the head. That headache …

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