Therapist Notes – Sternocleidomastoid

The sternocleidomastoid muscle is complex in its structure, function, and impact on regulation. In earlier editions of her manual, Travell refers to it as “Amazingly Complex.” Treatment starts with an understanding of the anatomy. Review the Anatomy. Forward-Head Posture. Habitual craning of the neck without exercise to counter the activity can lead to shortening of …

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Headache in the Forehead

People touch a spot above their eye and say, “The headache is right here. This spot on my forehead hurts.” When both sides of the neck are involved, they rub their hand across their forehead and say that it hurts all the way across.  Clients usually don’t tell their massage therapist that their ears bother them …

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Headache Around The Brow

People come in and trace around their brow with their fingers and say, “I have a headache right here.” When I ask, they sometimes describe the pain behind the ear and might talk about the pain on top of their head. The trigger points in this muscle do more than create pain. They irritate your ears, …

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