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Biceps Brachii – Massage Notes

These are massage and bodywork notes for biceps brachii. They offer a neuromuscular protocol from The Workbook of Classical Neuromuscular Therapy in the latter part of the treatment sequence. Also, there is a link to the self-care post that is helpful follow-up for patients. Evaluate biceps brachii Start with mobilizing the upper cervicals with either …

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Teres Minor – Massage Therapy Notes

Neuromuscular massage usually addresses teres minor after other shoulder trigger points. It is the lesser of the rotator cuff muscles and often overlooked. This happens because the teres minor usually doesn’t produce symptoms until the surrounding shoulder muscles have been released. Think of it as a fourth head of infraspinatus. In fact, the inferior belly …

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Self Care – Pain Along One Side of the Low Back

Avoid spending long periods with your hips flexed. This sleeping position, with the pillow between the legs, is great for relieving hip and low back pain that comes from the gluteal muscles but makes this pain along the low back worse. Driving, working at your desk, and other seated positions should be avoided for extended …

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Pain Along One Side of the Low Back

People with this pain run their hand up and down along one side of their low back and say that it hurts there. They often say that they have pain along one side of the low back when they get up from sleep, after a drive or some other activity where the hip flexes for extended …

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