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NMT Protocols – Lamina Groove

This routine is one of the most useful back routines in neuromuscular. It is the “spinal adjustment” of neuromuscular work. Multiple passes of gentle friction loosen the fixated vertebrae and release the interspinal muscles. IContinue reading

Therapist Notes – Pain inside shoulder blade when slouching while seated

Pain between the shoulder blades is seldom rhomboids unless the client has trapped the rhomboid muscle against a hard surface or they have extremely imbalanced extrinsic back and extrinsic chest muscle. When the problem isContinue reading

Self Care – Pain inside the shoulder blade when slouching while seated

Pain between the shoulder blades, especially chronic pain, is seldom rhomboids. Rhomboids usually dangle loosely and only produce pain when they are trapped between your ribs and a hard surface, like a wooden chair backContinue reading

NMT Protocols – Sub-Occipitals Supine

This protocol treats the sub-occipital region, loosening the atlantooccipital and atlantoaxial regions, often in preparation for other work. Gentle traction of the head superiorly and a little anteriorly can be helpful. About 90 seconds offersContinue reading

Therapy Notes – Suboccipital Muscles

Sub-occipitals strap the head on to the first 2 vertebrae. They have a direct bearing on and are strongly affected by the atlanto-occipital joint and the atlanto-ondontoid joint. Upper cervical function and alignment strongly influencesContinue reading

Self Care – Headache All Over Or In A Band Around The Head

Activities to Avoid or Change Avoid the activities that aggravate this like jutting your chin forward to look at the computer screen, bobbing your head up and down as when discussing the expensive wine listContinue reading

NMT Protocols – Rhomboid and Serratus Posterior Superior

This routine is most commonly used as a part of a more complete approach to Forward Head Posture. It works well when it follows the treatment of the posterior upper cervical region, scalenes, and theContinue reading

Therapist Notes – Serratus Posterior Superior

Serratus posterior superior is strongly governed by the costovertebral joints of the upper thoracic spine. These fixations are almost always associated with locally displaced vertebrae, especially the shearing of C7 and the upper thoracics inContinue reading

Self Care – Can’t Reach Pain Under the Shoulder Blade

Once in a while, this problem starts by awkwardly reaching up and back, but usually, this is a chronic problem.  The muscle tightens because the upper ribs have become chronically elevated. Also, there is theContinue reading

Therapist Notes – Infraspinatus

The infraspinatus muscle is a common problem in the shoulder and the most likely to generate pain when the client sleeps on their side. Its position in the shoulder is critical for stabilizing the headContinue reading