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Shoulder Muscles

Teres Major – Functional Anatomy

The anatomy of the teres major is both complicated and straightforward. At first glance, it is a rounded (“teres”) structure with two attachments. However, variations in the muscles and neurovascular bundle that surround it vary its role in the shoulder. Overview Origin the posterior, inferior edge of the lateral border of the scapula Insertion the …

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Rotator Cuff Muscles – Functional Anatomy

Overview Rotator cuff muscle anatomy is both simple and complicated in their anatomy. Simply put, they secure and refine movements of the head of the humerus. However, each muscle has complications in structure and function. Origin scapula Insertion head of the humerus Function Stabilize, rotate and adduct the humerus Innervation Brachial Plexus – suprascapular nerve, …

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Infraspinatus – Functional Anatomy

The anatomy of the infraspinatus is a bit more complicated than typically explained. A more detailed understanding is helpful for effective neuromuscular massage. The trigger point locations, which produce different patterns, are in different bellies. Overview of Anatomy Overview The infraspinatus is a flat rotator cuff muscle located in the infraspinous fossa of the scapula. …

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Subscapularis – Functional Anatomy

The subscapularis muscle is a thick, fan-shaped muscle on the underside of the shoulder blade. By far, it is the largest and strongest rotator cuff muscle. Also, it the largest shoulder muscle. A bursa separates it from the serratus anterior. Origin subscapular fossa Insertion lesser and greater tubercle of the humerus Function internal rotation of the …

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Teres Minor – Functional Anatomy

    Teres minor is a simple muscle in a complicated area of structural anatomy. Its a flat muscle that lies up under the inferior belly of infraspinatus and posterior deltoid. It is the border of rotator cuff muscle. Consequently, teres covers the long head of the triceps, which attaches to the infraglenoid tubercle and separates …

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Supraspinatus – Functional Anatomy

Supraspinatus anatomy presents as a simple strip of mucle. It attaches to the top of the scapula and inserts on the head of the humerus. More extensive studies have been done because of its association with shoulder impingement and tendinopathy. In fact, it is more complex than it appears. Actually, more recent studies, like this …

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