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Extrinsic Back Muscles

Rhomboid Major and Minor Muscles – Functional Anatomy

Rhomboid Muscles Rhomboid Minor Origin: the lower nuchal ligament, the supraspinous ligaments, and spinous processes along C7 and T1. Insertion: the medial border of the scapula near the root of the spine of the scapula Function: retraction of the scapula, assist in downward rotation of the scapula, stabilizes scapula during flexion and abduction Rhomboid Major: Origin: the …

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Levator Scapula – Functional Anatomy

Overview of the Anatomy of Levator Scalupa. The Levator scapula is a ropy extrinsic back muscle that connects the scapula to the upper cervical vertebrae through the clavicle, manubrium, first rib, and lower cervical vertebrae. Levator scapula is stretched by Forward-Head Posture, elevating and protracting the scapula. Studies show that there are statistically significant variations …

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