Therapy Notes – Head

Therapy Notes – Masseter

Atlas mobilizations change the balance of the TMJ mechanism. Evaluate and balance the atlantooccipital region before continuing on to direct TMJ treatment. Treatment of the Masseter External masseter work is often enough to release the pain patterns and provide lasting relief, especially after it follows Functional Integration through craniostructural work. Even without craniostrucural work, this …

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Therapist Notes – Headache Beside Crown with Eye pain

The occiptalis portion of the epicranius is most directly governed by the sutures around asterion. It has significant variances in surface area and thickness. This can be tricky to pinpoint if you’re not experienced at trigger point assessment. When this headache is a satellite off of the neck muscle, semispinalis, it looks a lot like the headache …

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Therapist Notes – Neck-ache, headache, eye-ache

Trigger points in the splenius cervicis near the third cervical vertebrae create this pattern. Neuromuscular therapy and direct release on the trigger point is more effective when preceeded by upper cervical releases. The tendons in the pocket between the trapezius and upper ribs also release more comfortably and with longer lasting results when the local …

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