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Bodywork for a better quality of life

Quick and easy hangover relief

Client’s Description Crapulence – Sickness caused by excessive drinking. 2. Excessive indulgence; intemperance. [From late Latin crāpulentus, very drunk, from Latin crāpula, intoxication, from Greek kraipalē.] crap′u·lent adj. People complain of headache, nausea, and misery that followContinue reading

More than surviving.

Annie (her alias) is a Texan grandmother in her late 60s. She started working with me years ago. She has some real problems with degenerative discs in her neck. We’ve been through a lot. I’veContinue reading

Why are the unfamiliar activities painful?

It’s a great question. I often state its counter part, “Other people do that and don’t have pain. Let’s work so that you can do that without pain, too.” Let’s briefly look at few things aboutContinue reading

Foot Pain and Cute Shoes

We will be taking a trip to Alaska. My new bride has booked a cruise with many excursions to the great outdoors. That means that we have to find clothes that will be both sensibleContinue reading

Pain and Cold Weather

The temperatures are dropping outside. Spring has sprung, Fall has Fell. Winter is coming. As it gets cold, more back and hip pain cases will be coming into the clinic. Here’s why that happens andContinue reading


Saturday before last, I had a new client come in. He was referred by a friend of his father who is an old client of mine and very active athlete of about 50. This newContinue reading

The Investors

Arnold (not his real name) started seeing me in his mid 50s.  He is a tall, soft-spoken investment counselor. When he first came in, he had a low back problem that really bothered him. HisContinue reading

Improving Executive Functions and Multitasking

Many of my clients, both adults and school children, are interested in better Executive Functioning. Part of that is improving self-monitoring, impulse control and flexible thinking. They are looking for the ability to engage withContinue reading

James Bond. Sensory Integration Hero.

James Bond. I bet that you think of him as many things. He has good fashion sense. He is visually stunning. He is brilliant, witty and socially challenging at loud parties. He can step outContinue reading