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Lower Extremity Muscles

Iliotibial Tract and Fascia Lata – Functional Anatomy

The fascia lata is the deep fascia that wraps the outer thigh. It attaches superiorly to the crest of the Ilium and inguinal ligament continues onto the pubic rami, ischial tuberosity, sacrotuberous ligament, coccyx and sacrum. Distally it thickens as it attaches to the proximal tibia. It offers elastic stability, much like a compression stocking …

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Pelvic Ligaments – Functional Anatomy

The major osseous structures of the pelvis are wrapped in a complex fascial structure that, like the osseous structures change and evolve as we age. In the first two decades, we have more boney pieces held together by cartilaginous plates that fuse as decades pass. Eventually, in our 4th or 5th decade, all of the …

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