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Therapy Notes – Chest

Subclavius – Massage Therapy Notes

The left sternoclavicular joint, (and subclavius muscle) are governed by restrictions in the right maxilla. Structural release of the palate toward the center of the eye is a reliable craniostructural solution. If you’re a craniostructural therapist, this is the place to start. Subclavius seldom presents as the primary problem but generates intense sensation under static …

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Pectoralis Minor – Massage Therapy Notes

These notes on massage and bodywork are focused on the pectoralis minor. They offer the classical neuromuscular massage protocol in the latter part of the sequence. Also, there is a link to a self-care post that is helpful follow-up for patients. Assess for Targeted Treatment Pectoralis minor can be confusing during an assessment. Its pain …

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Pectoralis Major – Massage Therapy Notes

The pectoralis major is a broad, fan-shaped muscle made of flat overlapping strips that covers the anterior ribs. Pecs are often the victim of cervical problems. They are innervated by the brachial plexus and are intertwined with THORACIC OUTLET SYNDROME. They also perpetuate THORACIC OUTLET SYNDROME by holding pectoralis minor short, which entraps the brachial …

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