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Forearm Pain

Self Care – Pain Along the Collar Bone and Down the Arm

Once this trigger point has become irritated, activities that press down will elicit the pattern. Those activities include things like kneading dough, push up to get out of a chair, chiropractic adjustments, or digging holes to plant flowers. It is even more aggravated, and usually created by the downward motion that has a forceful jerk. …

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Hard to Resolve Forearm Pain

Pain across the chest and down the arm is similar to the sensations of heart attack. Most of my clients have already checked with their heart specialist and tests show that they are OK. People with these symptoms need to check with a medical doctor before getting bodywork that may mask important indicators. People usually complain …

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Shoulder Pain While Steering

People hold their arm up like they have it on top of the steering wheel. They trace along the outside of their shoulder and say, “It hurts right here, and sometimes in my forearm.“ When I ask them if there is a motion that they can use to reproduce it, they crook the elbow slightly, …

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