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Deep Abdominals (Iliac) muscles

Psoas Minor – Functional Anatomy

Overview The anatomy of the psoas minor muscle is highly variable. However, when it is present, it can be a significant bodywork concern. Origin bodies of T12-L1 via vertical fascicles Insertion the innominate line of the pubic bone. It connects to the iliac fascia, which connects it broadly to the arch of the pubic bone …

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Iliopsoas Complex – Functional Anatomy

The Iliopsoas Complex is a set of muscles on the back wall of the abdomen. They primarily flex the hip but also help with lateral flexion of the trunk. Many studies vary in their explanation of how they work, especially when they are trigger point laden. They seem to adjust tension based on many factors, …

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Iliacus – Functional Anatomy

Overview The anatomy of the iliacus is the simplest of the hip flexors. Origin Iliac fossa of the ilium Insertion lesser trochanter of the femur Function flexion of the hip Innervation femoral nerve. The nerve root varies, depending on study from L1-L4 but always seems to involve L2-L3. Iliacus is the most direct and straightforward …

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Psoas Major – Functional Anatomy

Here you will find anatomy details on the psoas major. It fits into a larger group of muscles, the iliopsoas complex. There is a grid of related posts at the end of this post. Overview The anatomy of psoas major is complex, and its functions are fodder for endless bodywork discussions. Origin Psoas major originates …

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