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Earache with Jaw tension

People usually complain about earache and some jaw tension. Sometimes they complain about a roaring in the ear or some other form of tinnitus. At times, when the trigger point is most severe, there is sharp pain deep in the ear with a sickly ache in the jaw. Usually, clients don’t complain to their massage therapist about this kind …

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Self Care – Earache with Jaw tension

Avoid vigorous or uneven or unusual jaw activity, like crunching ice, busting popcorn kernels, or chewing on toothpicks. Taffy, excessive gum chewing are also problematic. When this is a result of clenching during sleep, mouth guards are a great temporary solution. In the long term, they should not be needed when the TMJ is properly …

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Sinus Pain in the Face and Ear Congestion

Client’s Description  When asked, people trace their hands along your cheekbones around toward their ear and complain of sinus pressure. The pain in the cheek bones seems to be more constant, irritated and feels like pressure. The referral into the ear, when present, feels like an earache or stuffiness. They may also complain about clicking when …

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Pain In The Base Of The Head With Earache

How People Describe This Headache at the Base of the Head with Earache People with this referral pattern and complain of headache and pain at the base of the head. Several trigger points create pain in this area. Trigger point assessment does a great job of connecting the problem to the muscle with NMT assessment. I …

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Headache in the Forehead

People touch a spot above their eye and say, “The headache is right here in my forehead.” When both sides of the neck are involved, they rub their hand across their forehead. Then, they close their eyes say that it hurts all the way across.  Clients usually don’t tell their massage therapist that their ears bother …

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