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Sacroiliac Ligament – Functional Anatomy

Overview Here, you will find a bodyworker’s perspective on the anatomy of the sacroiliac ligament. The sacroiliac ligament has three sections – anterior, interosseous, and posterior. Each section has a unique structure. Additionally, they impact the stability of the sacroiliac joint very differently. Sacroiliac Joint The sacroiliac joint is a complicated and highly variable structure. …

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Tibialis Posterior – Functional Anatomy

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Vastus Lateralis – Functional Anatomy

Overview of Anatomy The functional anatomy of the vastus lateralis is largely uncomplicated. However, it has frequent and subtle variations. The fascia lata thickens and forms the iliotibial tract, along the lateral aspect of the vastus lateralis. Origin proximal femur, including greater trochanter gluteal tuberosity linea aspera intermuscular septum Insertion lateral aspect of the patella …

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