Chest Pain

Pain in the upper back, index finger, and thumb

Pain around Thumb Pad People complain about pain just inside the shoulder blade, thumb, and index finger. Notably, it doesn’t always create pain in the hand; sometimes, it tingles like it is “falling asleep” or “going numb.” Sometimes, they have pain or tingling when reaching out with the hands near shoulder level, like when you’re driving …

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Tender, Sensitive Breasts

Client Description Women complain of fibrocystic nodules in the breast tissue and tenderness. Men and women both complain of a hypersensitive nipple. The illustration shows a solid area, but the reports are about sensitivity or nodules that are more localized within that area. This trigger point is aggravated by persistent or abrupt motions that stretch the …

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Hard to Resolve Forearm Pain

Pain across the chest and down the arm is similar to the sensations of heart attack. Most of my clients have already checked with their heart specialist and tests show that they are OK. People with these symptoms need to check with a medical doctor before getting bodywork that may mask important indicators. People usually complain …

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