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NMT Protocols – Anterior Cervical – Superficial

This routine is used to address the superficial tissues over the throat. It is delicate and requires professional expertise. It also can be amazing in the relief of a number of problems from a strained voice to a sore throat. It is also used to relax the superficial tissues for deeper work in the same …

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NMT Protocols – Sub-Occipitals Supine

This protocol treats the sub-occipital region, loosening the atlantooccipital and atlantoaxial regions, often in preparation for other work. Gentle traction of the head superiorly and a little anteriorly can be helpful. About 90 seconds offers a general release but many practitioners hold this for several minutes for a more complete release. Mobilizing the atlas with …

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Self Care – Guidelines for using an Ice Pack

Ice packs are a great way to reduce swelling and inflammation, increase circulation and relieve pain. They can be ineffective and even create some problems if used improperly. How Ice Packs Work Ice packs create a local “emergency” because of the temperature change in the area. This creates immediate and extended responses: The cold compresses …

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