Occipitalis – Functional Anatomy

Occipitalis is part of a larger structure called the epicranius or occipitofrontalis muscle. The epicranius consists of the frontalis muscle and the occipitalis muscle which are joined by a fascial structure called the galea aponeurotica. The Occipitalis located on the posterolateral cranium. It has notable variations in area and thickness from person to person. Inferiorly, …

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Do You Find Trigger Point Illustrations Confusing?

Most books and sites on trigger points are usually focused on a the characteristics of a trigger point. They help you primarily understand its areas of referral, impaired functions, sensation, activities of onset, etc. If you’re a therapist that can be interesting for detailed assessment. Most people are overwhelmed by all that. I’d venture to …

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Headache Beside Crown with Eye pain

People complain of an intense headache that makes their eyes hurt. When I ask them about other areas of pain, they will describe the headache near the top of their head but make a gesture to the back of their head beside the crown. They are usually focused on eye pain and say that it makes their …

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