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Therapy Notes – Upper Extremity

Subscapularis – Massage Notes

Subscapularis trigger points can be painful and difficult to treat with a neuromuscular massage. Preparing the surrounding joint structures can make the release faster and easier for the practitioner and the patient. Read about this shift in my approach to bodywork while treating the subscapularis – The Godfather of Organized Pain. Integrative Craniosacral Releases for …

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Supraspinatus – Massage Therapy Notes

Neuromuscular massage of the supraspinatus muscle is traditionally a simple process of frictioning tendons and glides through the belly. A few more steps really help it to release easier. Extra Attention to the Base A little extra attention to the base of the neck is helpful. I often find that mobilizations around the lower cervical …

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Teres Minor – Massage Therapy Notes

Neuromuscular massage usually addresses teres minor after other shoulder trigger points. It is the lesser of the rotator cuff muscles and often overlooked. This happens because the teres minor usually doesn’t produce symptoms until the surrounding shoulder muscles have been released. Think of it as a fourth head of infraspinatus. In fact, the inferior belly …

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Infraspinatus – Massage Therapy Notes

The infraspinatus muscle is a common problem in the shoulder and the most likely to generate pain when the client sleeps on their side. Its position in the shoulder is critical for stabilizing the head of the humerus from shifting forward. Assessment of the Patterns The infraspinatus is one of the most commonly occurring pain …

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