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Understaing Craniosacral – Venous sinus drain

Here is a simplified walk-through of the venous sinus drain as it presented in classic osteopathic cranial.   Tony Preston has a practice in Atlanta, Georgia where he sees clients. He has written and taught about anatomy,Continue reading

Trigger Points – Headache in forehead from pressure or impact

This headache pattern is most commonly caused by sternocleidomastoid. If you have a headache above the eyebrow, check the post on that pattern as well. Client Description People touch their forehead just above the eyebrow andContinue reading

Notes on William Garner Sutherland

William Garner Sutherland (1873-1954) is largely regarded as the father of cranial osteopathy, which is at the root of most craniosacral approaches. Several other noted osteopaths and chiropractors explored craniosacral approaches around the same timeContinue reading

Another ALS client makes progress

I am working with another client who has ALS. I will call her Linda. Linda and Burt are about the same age but are otherwise very different. ALS has impacted different areas of their body.Continue reading

Craniosomatic Patterns

In my post on Defining Integrative Techniques, I explored the idea that there are problems in the body that perpetuate other problems. As bodyworkers, we want to give these problems more interesting names like posturalContinue reading

Understanding Trigger Points – Irritating Tags, Burning Shoulders

This post is especially interesting for people with sensory processing disorder. This trigger point creates an aggravating burning or itching sensation between the shoulder blades. It is associated with a trigger point in the middleContinue reading

Simplified Explanation Of The Craniosacral System

Many of my clients have asked me for a simple explanation of the Craniosacral System. The craniosacral system consists of: 1. The cranium 2. The sacrum and coccyx 3. The meninges 4. Cerebrospinal fluid 5. The structuresContinue reading

ALS Doctor Makes The News But It Is Just Another Day Here.

My client, who seems to have recovered from ALS, came in today. Here’s the original post about him, if you missed it.  He was telling me how his doctor at Emory made the news lastContinue reading