Irritating Tags, Burning Shoulders

Client’s Description People complain about tension in their shoulders so I press on for more specific information. They only complain about burning in their shoulders if this is really aggravated. They will admit that tags in their shirts bother them. It is not likely that they came in for a massage because their tags are bothering them, …

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Is Your Body Manageable Or Self-Correcting?

When I teach Integrative Bodywork, one of the first things that I teach is to respect the goals of the client. It is a joint venture. Usually, the therapist has to help the client to understand appropriate goals. In that process, I try to help them understand that pain is resolvable, manageable, or unmanageable. I encourage them …

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Simplified Craniosacral System Overview

Many of my clients have asked me for a simple explanation of the Craniosacral System. Here is a basic overview of how it is seen in the bio-mechanical model: The word “craniosacral.“comes from the membrane systemthat surrounds the central nervous systemand connects the cranium to the sacrum.  It consists of: The cranium The sacrum and coccyx The …

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