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Self-Care – Spot of Pain Behind Shoulder

This problem usually, but not always, occurs after you have resolved pain problems in the infraspinatus. Not caring for this may re-activate that pattern of pain deep in the shoulder. These self-care ideas are very similar to the self care recommendations for that muscle. Several things will bother this shoulder problem: Sleeping on that shoulder …

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SITS Tendons – Neuromuscular Massage Protocol

This neuromuscular massage protocol focuses on the rotator cuff tendons, called the SITS tendons as an acronym for the four muscles, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis. This protocol works well when it follows the treatment of the sub-occipitals and cervical lamina. This post reviews the anatomy of and may be helpful before reviewing this protocol.

Spot of pain behind shoulder

People complain of a spot of pain deep in the back of the shoulder. It often occurs after other shoulder pain, particularly after this trigger point, has been treated and released. It is a lingering pain that is hard to connect to an activity but often bothers them when I ask them to stretch the shoulder as …

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