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Pain Down the IT Band Extending Behind the Ankle

Want to skip ahead?Here’s a link to my post about getting relief on your own. The people complain of pain down the side of the thigh. When questioned, they will often say that it extends down the calf. Understanding where the pain goes is essential. People with this gluteus minimus problem are clear that it …

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Pain in the Achilles Tendon

Client’s Description People primarily complain of pain along the Achilles and arch of the foot while walking over uneven terrain such as trails or loose gravel. This usually starts with pain and instability when raising up into the toes of that foot. This can dramatically impact the performance athletes that have a lot of twisting on a …

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Painful, Unstable Ankle

Client’s Description People often come in complaining that they have twisted their ankle and wonder if it is sprained. They associate it to stepping off a curb where the ball of the foot hits the curb and the outside edge of the foot twists down. Others come in complaining that the ankle feels weak and painful. …

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