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NMT Protocol – Hamstrings

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Self Care – Seated Posture

There are many posts where I discuss problems created by poor seated posture, so here’s a post about how to sit to avoid creating problems. This post explores two different approaches to minimizing the pain and discomfort of sitting at a desk. First, actively sitting in a balanced posture, and secondly, passively supporting postural imbalances.

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Self Care – Cramping Hamstring

Here, you will find self-care strategies for cramping and seizing hamstrings. As well these people often have pain in the back of the hip or calf. Look at this other post for more information about how people describe and create that pain. Side-to-Side Movements In the short term, discontinue exercise on uneven ground. This rest

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Trigger Points and The Cramping Hamstring

These people grab their hamstring and talk about how painful it is. They are often quite careful about not stretching their hamstrings too aggressively. Also, the back of the thigh often cramps when flexing the knee to touch the heel to the hip. Runners use this motion to stretch the quads. Runner’s Nemesis I’ve seen a lot

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