Self Care – Neck tension when wearing a heavy coat

Avoid activities that aggravate the upper trapezius: Once the trigger point is activated, there are a number of known activities that keep it aggravated. A backpack, ill-fitted bra straps, a tight coat or shoulder bag will press into this area and are known irritants and create additional microtrauma. Using a cane that is badly fit …

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Therapy Notes – Upper Trapezius

Anatomy Review? Start with cranial work around the jugular foramen. This includes mobilizing the atlas and releasing the suboccipital muscles. Continue with treating the cervical lamina groove. The mobilization of those first 5 vertebrae will make the rest of this treatment easier and more effective. Cross-fiber friction of the attachment of trapezius along the nuchal …

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NMT Protocols – Trapezius

This protocol treats trapezius in a supine position. The lower trapezius is more accessible than the supine position. This position also leaves the hood of the upper trapezius accessible for rolling between the fingers and thumb. Both techniques are not easily applied in the more common supine treatment of upper and middle trapezius.

Self Care – Breathing Exercises to Reduce Shoulder Tension

One of my clients describes this as the best exercise for shoulder and upper back tension. He thinks that it should be the first exercise that I give people. Regardless of their problem. It really does reduce shoulder and upper back tension in a magical way. I noticed big differences over the 1st month that …

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Extrinsic Back Muscles- Functional Anatomy

Extrinsic Back Muscles Extrinsic back muscles connect the occiput, spine, and pelvis to the upper extremity. They elevate and depress the scapula but, mostly, retract the scapula. Click on the images below for more information about the anatomy and pain patterns of these muscles.        Wikipedia entry for muscle Tony Preston has a practice in Atlanta, …

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