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Splenius Capitis – Functional Anatomy

Splenius capitis anatomy. This muscle is a broad, flat sheet that originates along the mid-line of the base of the neck. It wraps the lateral muscles and inserts on the lateral base of the skull. Origin – midline fascia over the ligamentum nuchae from C3 – C7 and the spinous processes of T1-T3 Insertion – …

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Self Care – Headache on the Top of Your Head

You can get relief and stop aggravating the headache at the top of your head with these strategies. Avoid sustained postures with your chin jutting forward, especially while twisting it from to one side, as when you are watching birds or leaning forward watching tennis. Common versions of this today is leaning forward and turning …

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Therapist Notes – Splenius Capitis

Neuromusuclar massage and integrative treatment notes with links to anatomy and protocols. Splenius capitis originates from the lower cervicals and upper thoracics. It straps around the neck musculature and inserts on the occipital and temporal bones. That puts it in a perfect position to assist the contralateral sternocleidomastoid in rotating the head. The splenii muscles also …

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Headache on the Top of Your Head

Clients come in and touch the top of their heads, saying, “I have a headache on the top of my head.” Almost always, they lean forward with their chin up and turned to one side while talking. They will often bend at the waist while sitting to make this more comfortable. Many of them complain of …

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