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Self Care – Stiffness at the base of the neck

Self-Care for this stiff pain at the base of the neck can be quick and effective when the person is active and healthy. During the stretching, this person often gets a shift in their neck. For the older or less-active person, this requires some relief strategies with more persistent stretching. For more information about this […]

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Neck-ache Headache, Eye-ache

Want to skip ahead?Here’s a link to my post about getting relief on your own. With this pattern, people complain of a headache behind the eye. That’s not enough information. When the headache pattern is severe, they may trace the pattern with their hand. Starting from the back of their neck, they move along the side

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Headache on the Top of Your Head

Primary Complaint Clients touch the top of their heads, saying, “I have a headache on the top of my head.” Often, they lean forward with their chin up and turn to one side while talking. Frequently, they slump forward at the waist while sitting to make this more comfortable. Seemingly, they naturally adopt the posture of

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