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Stretching for scalene muscles

Here are some specific stretches for scalene muscles that have been recommended by many sources over the years. They were published in the self-care section on scalenes in the research of Janet Travell, the physician to two presidents. Clinical experience has proven them to be effective for helping the problematic effects of tight scalene muscles. Helpful […]

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Shoulder or Forearm Pain While Steering

A patient will hold their arm up as if they have it on top of the steering wheel. They trace along the outside of their shoulder and say, “It hurts right here, and sometimes in my forearm.” As well, the pain can shift and bother them worse in the forearm. When I ask them if

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Can’t Reach Pain Under the Shoulder Blade

Want to skip ahead?Here’s a link to my post about getting relief on your own. People complain of pain under the shoulder blade that they can’t reach. It aches fairly constantly. It is a bothersome ache that they can’t shake. They may get temporary relief from a hot shower or exercise. Sometimes, it becomes so vague,

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Unresolvable Tennis Elbow

Elbow! …and…shoulder People complain about persistent tennis elbow even though they’ve tried many different things around the elbow to get relief. However, it seems unresolvable.  They usually don’t talk about the shoulder problem until I ask them if it has troubled them. When asked, tennis players often reveal that the elbow pain flares up when serving

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Shoulder Pain and Clicking While Grooming

Patients complain of pain in the shoulder when brushing their teeth, combing their hair, putting on make-up, shaving their face, etc. Typically, patients describe this pain as achy and deep in the shoulder. Their primary complaint may also include pain while carrying something by their sides like suitcases or buckets. This trigger point usually doesn’t disturb sleep but is often

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Shoulder pain when sleeping on your side

Sleeping on Your Side People complain of pain that disturbs their sleep when lying on the painful shoulder. Surprisingly, it creates pain as it is stretched when sleeping on the opposite shoulder too. It is a deeper pain than the illustration suggests. They have spent most of their time sleeping on that shoulder with that hand

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