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Therapist Notes – Subclavius

Anatomy Review? Paget-Schroetter syndrome is a specific form of thoracic outlet syndrome where the subclavian artery moves medially until it is restricted with pressure from the subclavius muscle. The arm becomes chronically swollen and bluish. It is more common among athletes that weight lift or play tennis. In one case, I noticed that a woman’s …

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Self Care – Pain Along the Collar Bone and Down the Arm

Once this trigger point has become irritated, activities that press down will elicit the pattern. Those activities include things like kneading dough, push up to get out of a chair, chiropractic adjustments, or digging holes to plant flowers. It is even more aggravated, and usually created by the downward motion that has a forceful jerk. …

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Therapy Notes – Pectoralis Minor

A chronically shortened pectoralis minor produces the distinctive protracted shoulder that does not lay down like the other shoulder when the client is on their back. It is easy to release with a little posterior static pressure on the greater tubercle while lifting displaced ribs off the upper thoracic vertebrae. Even in chronic cases, this …

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Self Care – Pain in the Front of Shoulder When Lifting Arm

This typically comes in one of two postures: rounded shoulders with short tight pecs and shoulder blades that lay close to the back or high and tight shoulder with overstretched pecs and shoulder blades that wing out. Working on a low desk with a laptop can also lead to the hooked shoulders and a short, …

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Self Care – Scalene Pain of the Torso, Arm & Hand

Scalene muscles produce a number of patterns that can be experienced separately. These strategies are great for relief from that tingling in your index finger and thumb with pain in the upper back, along the shoulder blade. Also, this can be helpful for the pattern in front of the shoulder that people get when relined. …

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Self Care – Breathing Exercises to Reduce Shoulder Tension

One of my clients describes this as the best exercise for shoulder and upper back tension. He thinks that it should be the first exercise that I give people. Regardless of their problem. It really does reduce shoulder and upper back tension in a magical way. I noticed big differences over the 1st month that …

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Self Care – Seated Stretches for Stiff, Swollen Hands

This stretch routine is much faster and effective if it is done with the ice-and-stretch method. I’ve done this routine with many clients, first without ice and then with ice-and-stretch. They all remark that it is amazingly easier and more effective with ice. This simple set of stretches has 3 parts: 2 stretches that release …

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NMT Protocols – Scalenes Supine

Scalenes are a sensitive and, often, complicated treatment approach. There are a number of things that need to be done so that the treatment is effective, longer-lasting, and more comfortable for the client. Here is a proven protocol from The Workbook of Classical Neuromuscular Massage: Need to brush up on your anatomy before you look …

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Thoracic Outlet – Functional Anatomy

This is a short video walking through the structures from posterior to anterior followed by a more detailed document of the same structures. This post on the anatomy of the scalene muscles is worth reviewing for its information about the frequency and types of anomalies in those muscles. This video uses the convention throughout the …

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Therapy Notes – Scalenes

Neuromuscular massage can be an effective approach to treating scalene muscles. Additional work and self-care retrains posture and corrects Forward-Head Posture is often needed. Palpation Structural anomalies are common in the scalenes. Developed palpation skills are needed to reach the proper belly for assessment and treatment. Be aware that the cervical transverse process’s lateral tip …

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