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Therapist Notes – Infraspinatus

The infraspinatus muscle is a common problem in the shoulder and the most likely to generate pain when the client sleeps on their side. Its position in the shoulder is critical for stabilizing the head of the humerus from shifting forward. Assessment of the Patterns The infraspinatus is one of the most commonly occurring pain …

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Self Care – Pain in Shoulder Joint or Inside Shoulder Blade

This post helps you get relief from trigger points in the infraspinatus muscle. Trigger points along the upper section create that nagging shoulder pain when sleeping. Also, trigger points along the inside border create pain between the shoulder blades. Change your sleeping position: You can reduce shoulder pain from this rotator cuff muscle by changing …

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Deltoid – Functional Anatomy

Deltoid   Deltoid is a triangular muscle that works closely with the rotator cuff muscles to lift the humeral shaft superiorly. It is also key in preventing dislocation of the humerus when lifting heavy loads. All bellies Origin – lateral third of the clavicle, acromion and spine fo the scapula Insertion – deltoid tuberosity of the …

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Rotator Cuff Muscles – Functional Anatomy

Rotator Cuff Muscles Origin – scapula Insertion – head of the humerus Function – Stabilize, rotate and adduct the humerus Related sections of the website:    Wikipedia entry for rotator cuff muscles. Tony Preston has a practice in Atlanta, Georgia where he sees clients. He has written and taught about anatomy, trigger points and cranial therapies since …

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Infraspinatus – Functional Anatomy

The anatomy of the infraspinatus is a bit more complicated than typically explained. A more detailed understanding is helpful for effective neuromuscular massage. Overview of Anatomy Overview Attachments, Function, and Innervation Origin: infraspinous fossa Insertion: posterior greater tubercle of the humerus Function: stabilize the humeral head, externally rotate the humerus Innervation: C4-C6, Brachial Plexus, Suprascapular nerve …

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Subscapularis – Functional Anatomy

Subscapularis The subscapularis muscle is thick with multiple bellies on the underside of the scapula. Its tendon is separated from the joint capsule by a bursa. It can be a key player in frozen shoulder and pitching restrictions. Origin: subscapular fossa Insertion: lesser tubercle of the humerus Function: stabilization of the humeral head, internal rotation of the …

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Teres Minor – Functional Anatomy

Teres minor is a rotator cuff muscle that extends along the back of the axilla. Origin – lateral border of the posterior scapular surface Insertion – Lower posterior greater tubercle of the humerus Function – stabilize and laterally rotate the head of the humerus. Seems to contract with the same timing and intensity as infraspinatus. …

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Supraspinatus – Functional Anatomy

Supraspinatus Supraspinatus is a rotator cuff muscle located on the superior aspect of the scapula. Origin: Supraspinous fossa Insertion: greater tubercle of the humerus Function: abduction of the humerus. Details vary from one study to another but it appears to pull the humerus into the fossa as it abducts and resists downward glide of the …

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