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Coracobrachialis – Massage Notes

These are massage and bodywork notes for coracobrachialis. They offer a neuromuscular protocol from The Workbook of Classical Neuromuscular Therapy in the latter part of the treatment sequence. Also, there is a link to the self-care post that is helpful follow-up for patients. Evaluation of the patient is needed before starting. Specifically, to make sure …

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Subscapularis – Self-Care

Most activities that aggravate this muscle involve raising your arm or reaching out to the side and back. This includes: pitching, reaching behind the car seat, accessing the night stand frombed, etc. When the subscapularis muscle is particularly tight, it will be painful and irritating to lift the arm even just to shoulder level. Sleeping …

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Shoulder Pain and Neck Tension in Golf Swing

Patients complain about pain in the shoulder occurring at the end of their golf swing. When I ask them to demonstrate, they slowly go through the golf swing taking time to press a little extra at the end to produce the pain. Sometimes they will not get the pain unless they do the motion fairly …

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Subscapularis – Massage Notes

Subscapularis trigger points can be painful and difficult to treat with a neuromuscular massage. Preparing the surrounding joint structures can make the release faster and easier for the practitioner and the patient. Read about this shift in my approach to bodywork while treating the subscapularis – The Godfather of Organized Pain. Integrative Craniosacral Releases for …

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Self-Care – Supraspinatus

Relief for the supraspinatus muscle offers the solution to the problems presented in more than one post: Pain and clicking while grooming Unresolvable tennis elbow Shoulder pain when carrying Relief from shoulder and elbow pain can be simple with stretching or icing. At times, this is more serious. A tear in the tendon will not …

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Supraspinatus – Massage Therapy Notes

Neuromuscular massage of the supraspinatus muscle is traditionally a simple process of frictioning tendons and glides through the belly. A few more steps really help it to release easier. Extra Attention to the Base A little extra attention to the base of the neck is helpful. I often find that mobilizations around the lower cervical …

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