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Stretching for scalene muscles

Here are some specific stretches for scalene muscles that have been recommended by many sources over the years. They were published in the self-care section on scalenes in the research of Janet Travell, the physician to two presidents. Clinical experience has proven them to be effective for helping the problematic effects of tight scalene muscles. Helpful …

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Stiff, Swollen Hands in the Morning

People complain about waking in the morning with stiff and swollen hands. Some of them have problems with tingling and sleeping hands in the night. They often get up and move their arms around until the tingling stops, and the arms are awake again. Sometimes, they have pain or tingling when they hold their arms near …

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Self Care – Breathing exercise for upper back pain

This breathing exercise for relief from upper back pain can be very effective when done properly and regularly. It is relaxing and works well for clients that don’t want to use something like a yoga wheel. Also, some people like it who don’t want to “pop their back.” I have given this technique to a …

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