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Therapist Notes – Subclavius

Anatomy Review? Paget-Schroetter syndrome is a specific form of thoracic outlet syndrome where the subclavian artery moves medially until it is restricted with pressure from the subclavius muscle. The arm becomes chronically swollen and bluish. It is more common among athletes that weight lift or play tennis. In one case, I noticed that a woman’s …

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Self Care – Pain Along the Collar Bone and Down the Arm

Once this trigger point has become irritated, activities that press down will elicit the pattern. Those activities include things like kneading dough, push up to get out of a chair, chiropractic adjustments, or digging holes to plant flowers. It is even more aggravated, and usually created by the downward motion that has a forceful jerk. …

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Self Care – Doorway stretches for Chest Muscles

These doorway stretches are classic because they’re quick, effective and can be done almost anywhere. It is easy to stop at most doorways on your way back from the kitchen, office, or bathroom. They stretch the extrinsic chest muscles. Even with minimal effort, a few stretches a day can offer notable relief and postural change. …

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Thoracic Outlet – Functional Anatomy

This is a short video walking through the structures from posterior to anterior followed by a more detailed document of the same structures. This post on the anatomy of the scalene muscles is worth reviewing for its information about the frequency and types of anomalies in those muscles. This video uses the convention throughout the …

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Extrinsic Chest Muscles – Functional Anatomy

 Extrinsic chest muscles, as you can see, originate on the front of the axial skeleton and insert on the upper extremity. Generally speaking, they protract the scapula and draw the humerus toward the midline. This gets a little more complicated with the pectoralis major as the clavicular head as it allows us to flex the …

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Pain Along the Collar Bone and Down the Arm

People seldom have any part of this pattern as their primary complaint, but when they do, it is usually biceps pain. When this is a problem, the entire pattern can usually be elicited by pressing up under the collar-bone near the sternum. It is surprisingly intense for a pattern that is seldom a part of …

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