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Therapy Notes – Pectoralis Minor

A chronically shortened pectoralis minor produces the distinctive protracted shoulder that does not lay down like the other shoulder when the client is on their back. It is easy to release with a little posterior static pressure on the greater tubercle while lifting displaced ribs off the upper thoracic vertebrae. Even in chronic cases, this …

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Self-Care – Hard to Resolve Forearm Pain

This problem in the forearm comes out of trigger points in the sternal division of the pectoralis major muscle in the chest. Change these activities: Avoid activities where you push your arm(s) together in front of you. This typically involves exercises like pec deck machines and chest flys. Most people don’t associate forearm pain with …

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Therapy Notes – Pectoralis Major

The pectoralis major is a broad, fan-shaped muscle made of flat overlapping strips that covers the anterior ribs. Pecs are often the victim of cervical problems. They are innervated by the brachial plexus and are intertwined with THORACIC OUTLET SYNDROME. They also perpetuate THORACIC OUTLET SYNDROME by holding pectoralis minor short, which entraps the brachial …

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Self-Care – Pain in the Front of Shoulder when Reaching to the Side

This is a problem in the clavicular division of the pectoralis major muscle, which is in the chest, just beside the shoulder that hurts. Change your activities: First, try to correct the perpetuating activity of wearing a backpack. Often, that is not possible as it is a part of the activities of daily living. Also, avoid …

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Extrinsic Chest Muscles – Functional Anatomy

 Extrinsic chest muscles, as you can see, originate on the front of the axial skeleton and insert on the upper extremity. Generally speaking, they protract the scapula and draw the humerus toward the midline. This gets a little more complicated with the pectoralis major as the clavicular head as it allows us to flex the …

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Pectoralis Major – Functional Anatomy

Dissection studies show that the pectoralis major varies dramatically. There are commonly 2-5 laminates, sometimes 6 or 7, and sometimes the entire pectoralis is missing (Poland Syndrome). Also, the overlap of sections varies among studies. The variation illustrated here is common and I used it because, well, it was fun to illustrate and shows how differently …

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Tender, Sensitive Breasts

Client Description Women complain of fibrocystic nodules in the breast tissue and tenderness. Men and women both complain of a hypersensitive nipple. The illustration shows a solid area, but the reports are about sensitivity or nodules that are more localized within that area. This trigger point is aggravated by persistent or abrupt motions that stretch the …

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Pain in front of shoulder when reaching out to the side

Client’s Description People complain of pain in the front of the shoulder when reaching to the side while their arm is at shoulder level. It is easy to adapt movement to avoid this unless there is a specific activity like holding the passenger seat while driving. This problem can be aggravated by carrying a backpack. The straps create …

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Hard to Resolve Forearm Pain

Pain across the chest and down the arm is similar to the sensations of heart attack. Most of my clients have already checked with their heart specialist and tests show that they are OK. People with these symptoms need to check with a medical doctor before getting bodywork that may mask important indicators. People usually complain …

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