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Elbow Pain When Pushing

The trigger point referral patterns discussed here all create pain in the elbow from trigger points in the triceps muscle. Mostly, this pain occurs when you forcefully straighten the elbow. When they are chronic, they hurt all the time. Many patients complain of “tennis elbow.” Therapeutically, it is called “lateral epicondylitis” and can come from

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Triceps Brachii – Therapy Notes

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Self-Care – Shoulder Pain in Back, Reaching Up and Around

Here, you can find ways to get relief on your own from pain in the back of your shoulder that flares up when you reach up and around. You can read more about how people describe this pain and the activities that typically create the problem in this other post. You can usually lasting relief

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Shoulder Pain Reaching Up and Around

Want to skip ahead?Here’s a link to my post about getting relief on your own. People usually complain of vague pain in the back of the arm that is sharper at the shoulder. This pain often occurs in passive postures where they are using the long head of the triceps to stabilize the arm. This trigger

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