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Subscapularis – Self-Care

Most activities that aggravate this muscle involve raising your arm or reaching out to the side and back. This includes: pitching, reaching behind the car seat, accessing the night stand frombed, etc. When the subscapularis muscle is particularly tight, it will be painful and irritating to lift the arm even just to shoulder level. Sleeping …

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Subscapularis – Massage Notes

Subscapularis trigger points can be painful and difficult to treat with a neuromuscular massage. Preparing the surrounding joint structures can make the release faster and easier for the practitioner and the patient. Read about this shift in my approach to bodywork while treating the subscapularis – The Godfather of Organized Pain. Integrative Craniosacral Releases for …

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SITS Tendons – Neuromuscular Massage Protocol

This neuromuscular massage protocol focuses on the rotator cuff tendons, called the SITS tendons as an acronym for the four muscles, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis. This protocol works well when it follows the treatment of the sub-occipitals and cervical lamina. This post reviews the anatomy of and may be helpful before reviewing this protocol.

Assess Pain and Restriction in Yoga with Anatomy

Here, I discuss how to target the muscle that is causing pain and restrictions in your yoga poses by understanding the underlying anatomy. I discuss several other posts that may be helpful in a deeper understanding of this particular problem, how to use these anatomy illustrations and related patterns. I am in the process of …

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Rotator Cuff Muscles – Functional Anatomy

Rotator Cuff Muscles Rotator cuff muscles tend to have anatomy that is more complicated than expected. Each muscle has its own structural quirks, which need to be considered in treatment. As a whole, they complete each other in the balancing act of securing the humeral head. It is complicated by unexpected attachments as well as …

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Subscapularis – Functional Anatomy

The subscapularis muscle is a thick, fan-shaped muscle on the underside of the shoulder blade. By far, it is the largest and strongest Also, it the largest shoulder muscle. rotator cuff muscle. A bursa separates it from the serratus anterior. The triangular-shaped bellies merged into a thick band that crosses the glenohumeral joint. As it …

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Pain Behind the Shoulder When Lifting Arm

When the trigger point is less advanced, people hold their arm out with the elbow away from their side,  reach around to touch the back of the shoulder behind the arm pit and say that it hurts there. If I ask if they can reproduce the pain, they cautiously rotate their hand back to a throwing …

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