Upper Arm Pain

Elbow Pain When Pushing

The trigger point referral patterns discussed here all create pain in the elbow from trigger points in the triceps muscle. Mostly, this pain occurs when you forcefully straighten the elbow. When they are chronic, they hurt all the time. Many patients complain of “tennis elbow.” Therapeutically, it is called “lateral epicondylitis” and can come from […]

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Pain when pitching or reaching behind your body

Want to skip ahead?Here’s a link to my post about getting relief on your own. People complain of pain in the front of the shoulder, back of the upper arm, forearm, and hand. The primary complaint is often in the shoulder, especially when reaching behind the back to fasten a bra, tuck in a belt, etc.

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Aching mid-back with tired triceps

People complain of an area of aching pain at the base of the shoulder blade. At times, this extends down the triceps and into the hand. They can’t reach it and may ask to trace the spot on my back or on the illustration that I have on the wall. It has a constant ache that

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Pain Along the Biceps, Maybe Collar Bone & Forearm

People seldom have any part of this pattern as their primary complaint, but when they do, it is usually biceps pain. When this is a problem, the entire pattern can usually be elicited by pressing up under the collar-bone near the sternum. This response is surprising and intense for a pattern that is seldom a

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Stiff, Swollen Hands in the Morning

People complain about waking with stiff, swollen hands in the morning. Some of them have problems with tingling and sleeping hands in the night. They often get up and move their arms around until the tingling stops and the arms are awake again. Sometimes, they have stiff hands, pain, or tingling when they hold their arms

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Unresolvable Tennis Elbow

Elbow! …and…shoulder People complain about persistent tennis elbow even though they’ve tried many different things around the elbow to get relief. However, it seems unresolvable.  They usually don’t talk about the shoulder problem until I ask them if it has troubled them. When asked, tennis players often reveal that the elbow pain flares up when serving

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