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Pain Down the IT Band Extending Behind the Ankle

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The people complain of pain down the side of the thigh. When questioned, they will often say that it extends down the calf. Understanding where the pain goes is essential. People with this gluteus minimus problem are clear that it goes behind the ankle. Comparatively, other patterns extend toward the front of the ankle and onto the foot.

When it Focuses in the Buttock

When there is a pain in the lower buttock, it can be the primary complaint. In those cases, pain down the thigh is a lesser concern or may not even be a problem.

This stiffness and chronic pain may flare up when rising from a chair. It may also disturb their sleep or cause them to walk with a limp.

How You Activate and Intensify This Pain Pattern

aggravated by long periods of driving

Sitting Still

People with this trigger point, especially when it focuses in the buttock, are aggravated by prolonged sitting or standing. One of my clients says that he is always the first to stand during the applause at a play because of the pain. These clients often get a standing desk and swap back and forth between as the day goes on. Long periods of driving, where they cannot shift to a better position or sleeping on their side can activate the pain so that it cannot be relieved without becoming mobile.

Onset is OftenVague

This problem usually progresses over time and they are not aware of a specific onset. They may have had something like a jarring motor vehicle accident or stepped in a hole just before noticing that it bothered them to be immobilized for long periods.

Clinically Proven
Self-Care Strategies

This post has strategies for getting relief on your own. Explore how to change your activities, stretch and other strategies that relieve the pain associated with this trigger point.

Better Bodywork
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This post has techniques, tips, treatment routines, and anatomy illustrations to improve the bodyworker’s approach.

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