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Stiff and Slow When Rising From Seated Position

These people are stiff and slow in rising from a seat or getting out of the car. The longer that they sit, the stiffer they get. They are often stiff in the morning when rising from bed but speak of it as though everyone has it. They usually avoid being seated and immobile for long car rides, […]

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Iliopsoas Complex – Functional Anatomy

The Iliopsoas Complex is a set of muscles on the back wall of the abdomen. They primarily flex the hip but also help with lateral flexion of the trunk. Many studies vary in their explanation of how they work, especially when they are trigger point laden. They seem to adjust tension based on many factors,

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Psoas Major – Functional Anatomy

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Yoga, “that good stretch feeling,” and trigger points

Stretching can be a good daily ritual of relief. It changes a stiff body into something that has less pain and better mobility. So, I give it to my clients to manage their daily pain, which helps. Typically, it eases the activities of daily living. Yoga can be a great way to stretch. And, yoga

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