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ICST Protocols – Atlas mobilizations

This protocol is used to evaluate and mobilize the Atlantooccipital joint. It contains a few different approaches to Atlas mobilizations. Atlantooccipital Decompression The client is supine. The practitioner’s fingers are under the occipital bone with the fingertips along the inferior nuchal line, pointed to the space between the atlas and occipital bone. This is a …

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NMT Protocols – Sub-Occipitals Supine

This neuromuscular protocol treats the sub-occipital muscles, loosening the atlantooccipital and atlantoaxial regions, often in preparation for other work. Included are links to mobilizations taken from Integrative Bodywork – Somatic Mobilizations. These two protocols work well together, They offer relief to a surprising number of problems of pain and dysfunction throughout the body. There are …

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