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Craniosacral – The BioDynamic Model

This post on The Osteopathic Biodynamic approach is part of a collection of posts on craniosacral. This collection includes posts about history, treatment models, techniques, concepts, and cases. Change in Paradigm Most practitioners find things beyond their understanding of the physical body in the quiet subtleties of craniosacral exploration. Depending on their beliefs, they see […]

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Feel Your Craniosacral Cycle

This post offers you a simple way of palpating your craniosacral cycle. It isn’t magical and doesn’t require some special metaphysical insight. I’ve taught hundreds of people to palpate their craniosacral cycle. That includes students who took classes from other craniosacral courses and never felt the cycle. Some students took a few tries to feel

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Notes on William Garner Sutherland

Generally, William Garner Sutherland is regarded as the father of cranial osteopathy. Most of today’s craniosacral approaches are built on his work. Other noted osteopaths and chiropractors at that time also explored craniosacral approaches. These include names widely recognized in the field today. Cottam, DeJarnette, and Weaver are among them. However, Sutherland is largely regarded as

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Saturday before last, I had a new client come in. He was referred by a friend of his father who is an old client of mine and very active athlete of about 50. This new client is a baseball pitcher who is a junior in high school and being scouted by the colleges. He was told that

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Is Your Body Manageable Or Self-Correcting?

When I teach Integrative Bodywork, one of the first things that I teach is to respect the goals of the client. It is a joint venture. Usually, the therapist has to help the client to understand appropriate goals. In that process, I try to help them understand that pain is resolvable, manageable, or unmanageable. I encourage them

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Craniosacral System Overview

Many of my clients have asked me for a simple explanation of the Craniosacral System. Here is a basic overview of how it is seen in the bio-mechanical model: The word “craniosacral” comes from the membrane systemthat surrounds the central nervous systemand connects the cranium to the sacrum.  The craniosacral system consists of: The Cranium The cranium

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An Introduction to the Integrative Bodywork Model

Many people talk about holistic approaches to integrative bodywork models. Let’s explore those terms and what they mean. If you prefer, here’s a video about this post: Holistic Approaches Holistic medicine is characterized by the treatment of a person as a whole. It means that all the parts are related and that they interact. Moreover,

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Heaven is a Place with Tension.

Believable Lies There are lies that we know are lies, but we play along. “I’ll call you.” “Baby, I think those jeans are just cut wrong.” “I knew nothing about that.” “You are the best, EVER.” “If we only made a little more money, we’d be happy.” “I was just checking her posture.” “I’d like

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