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Painful, Unstable Ankle

Client’s Description People often come in complaining that they have twisted their ankle and wonder if it is sprained. They associate it to stepping off a curb where the ball of the foot hits the curb and the outside edge of the foot twists down. Others come in complaining that the ankle feels weak and painful. …

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Helping The Trigger Point Get What It Wants

The best seller, “Getting To Yes,” explores the idea of principled negotiations. The idea is that you should not negotiate against the other person but toward a principle. It promotes that you should come to understand what the other person is trying to accomplish. Your better understanding of their goals turns the negotiation toward helping both …

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Finding The Godfather of Organized Pain

When I was growing up, we lived on a farm with 6 kids. Pop’s brother, Gene, would say, “Y’all could tear up an anvil bare-footed.” Pop picked up that expression faster than a shiny dime. We would always hear it as he was fixing whatever mess that we just created. There were a lot of …

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