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Craniosacral – The Techniques

This collection contains posts on craniosacral techniques. This includes biodynamic, osteopathic, craniostructural, and CranioMuscular approaches. It also contains a few key concepts related to craniosacral techniques. My Perspective I am not one of those who divisively embraces one technique. Instead, I appreciate and employ several different approaches. There are various reasons why. But, within any

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Therapy Notes with Integrative Treatment Sequencing

Overview Integrative Treatment sequencing treats components in a pattern from the highest governor to the most symptomatic ancillary component. This process makes therapy sessions quicker, more effective, and longer lasting. If you’re new to the Integrative Bodywork model and integrative sequencing, review these two short videos: The Integrative Model Planning your Session with Integrative Sequencing

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Craniosacral – The Collection

This collection contains posts that are primarily about craniosacral concepts, techniques, and cases. Cranial and craniosacral techniques have a rich history of development. However, persistent skepticism and opposition during its evolution have had an impact. As a result, several major and many less prevalent approaches to craniosacral have evolved. Each has its loyal practitioners. And,

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Anatomy for Massage and Bodywork

Anatomy for Massage and Bodywork is a collection of posts with illustrations that focus on relationships that interest the massage and bodywork practitioner. Understanding the relationship between muscles and their local joints is critical in effective Integrative Bodywork. Each muscle has illustrations that highlight the bones of attachments, and the bones trapped between the attachments.

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