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Tender, Sensitive Breasts

Client Description Women complain of fibrocystic nodules in the breast tissue and tenderness. Men and women both complain of a hypersensitive nipple. The illustration shows a solid area, but the reports are about sensitivity or nodules that are more localized within that area. This trigger point is aggravated by persistent or abrupt motions that stretch the …

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Pain in front of shoulder when reaching out to the side

Client’s Description People complain of pain in the front of the shoulder when reaching to the side while their arm is at shoulder level. It is easy to adapt movement to avoid this unless there is a specific activity like holding the passenger seat while driving. This problem can be aggravated by carrying a backpack. The straps create …

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Hard to Resolve Forearm Pain

Pain across the chest and down the arm is similar to the sensations of heart attack. Most of my clients have already checked with their heart specialist and tests show that they are OK. People with these symptoms need to check with a medical doctor before getting bodywork that may mask important indicators. People usually complain …

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Tooth Pain in Lower Molars

People complain of toothache and pain in their lower molars teeth that seem to extend down into the roots. There is usually one tooth where the pain is more focused. They typically come to see me after trying to get relief from their dentist without success. Mostly, these are regular clients of mine who understand how bodywork impacts …

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Sinus pressure with sensitive upper teeth

Want to skip ahead?Here’s a link to my post about getting relief on your own. People complain of a toothache and infection in their upper teeth. The sensation seems to extend up into the roots. They usually don’t expect the massage therapist to get rid of the pain, they are just complaining about their teeth. I …

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Headache In The Eyebrow

Patients complain about their headaches as they trace the headache in their eyebrow. This referral pattern is directly in the eyebrow. On the other hand, similar patterns happen above or below the eyebrow. Further assessment is needed to pinpoint this trigger point. The sure sign is when I press into the corner of the jaw …

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