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Structural Twist and Distraction of Frontal-Maxilla

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Frontal-Maxilla Twist and Distraction specifically targets restrictions related to Common Structural Asymmetries.

Soft Tissue Focus

  • Soft tissue components of the frontal/maxilla articulations
  • Right anterior scalene muscle
  • Left posterior scalene muscle

Cautions and Contraindications

  • recent, severe injury that has not been medically evaluated
  • sinus surgeries that may have left the area too fragile for work



  • Scalene indicators include swollen hands in the morning, pain in the thumb and index finger, thoracic outlet syndrome, and assessment indicators found in this other post.


  • Tight, sensitive scalene muscles
  • Restricted mobility in the torsion and distraction of the frontal-maxillae structures


  • challenge the left frontal above the orbit posteriorly while challenging the right alveolar process at the canine posteriorly
  • challenge the right alveolar process of the maxilla inferiorly




Seated or standing at the side of the table.


Fronto-Alveolar Distraction

Frontal-Maxilla Twist

  • Simultaneously,
    use the upper hand to press posteriorly on the left frontal bone above the orbit
    use the lower hand to press posteriorly on the right alveolar process above the canine tooth.
  • Wait for the structural release.
  • Test to ensure an adequate release.


  • using a gloved hand, use the fronto-alveolar grip
Fronto-Max Distraction

Frontal-Maxilla Distraction

  • Stabilize the frontal bone and sphenoid with the upper hand.
  • Distract the right maxilla with the lower hand.
  • Test to ensure an adequate release.

Note: care should be taken to attend to and avoid any fragile reconstructive or infectious areas of the face.

Self-Care Follow-up

Functional organization with more detailed testing of facial structures, including:

  • Fronto-sphenoidal release with a focus on the orbital shelf.
  • Palate Lift
  • PPM
  • Ethmoid vomer
  • Pterygoid/Palatine
  • Lacrimal

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