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Improving Executive Functions and Multitasking

Many of my clients, both adults and school children, are interested in better Executive Functioning. Part of that is improving self-monitoring, impulse control and flexible thinking. They are looking for the ability to engage withContinue reading

Cranial And The Workout Juice

My workout partner, George, and I have our routine. He works out while I change weights then I work out while he changes weights. I’m NOT a morning person but this does really make myContinue reading

Defining Integrative Techniques

Back in 1996 I was teaching for the National Institute of Craniosacral Studies and having weekly study groups with one of the other teachers, Greg. We were trying to think of  a better name forContinue reading

Heaven is a place with tension.

There are lies that we know are lies but play along. I’ll call you. Baby, I think those jeans are just cut wrong.I knew nothing about that. You are the best, EVER. If we only madeContinue reading

Finding The Godfather of Organized Pain

When I was growing up, we lived on a farm with 6 kids. Pop’s brother, Gene, would say, “Y’all could tear up an anvil bare-footed.” Pop picked up that expression faster than a shiny dime.Continue reading