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Structural Twist and Distraction of Frontal-Maxilla

Frontal-Maxilla Twist and Distraction specifically targets restrictions related to Common Structural Asymmetries. Soft Tissue Focus Cautions and Contraindications Interview Palpation Challenge Position Seated or standing at the side of the table. . Frontal-Maxilla Twist Position Frontal-Maxilla Distraction Note: care should be taken to attend to and avoid any fragile reconstructive or infectious areas of the […]

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Scalene Muscles – Functional Anatomy

Overview Scalene anatomy is more variable than most muscles. They vary in their attachments and size in 40-71% of the reviewed studies. Scalenes are 3 (sometimes 4) muscles on either side of the neck. This is one of those muscles that makes it hard to say which end is the origin and which end is

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