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Understanding Organized Pain: Overview


I started this blog with a post about Finding the Godfather of Organized Pain. I’d like to take a series of posts to explore Organized Pain. It is important to recognize how it works in both chronic and acute cases. Let’s start with an overview.

Organized Pain is a central concept when using Integrative Techniques. This moves us beyond following protocols. It changes how the therapist prioritizes and combines techniques. It helps us, and the client, to make better, more informed decisions about relief, lasting changes and a self-correcting system. It becomes easier to manage the client’s expectations.

Once you understand the organization, the plan becomes clearer. Sometimes, it is best to stay focused on the acute problems and the local members of Organized Pain. Sometimes we can take Organized Pain out of an entire region. If it is critical to The Organization, The Godfather may reinstate the Organized Pain in that region. Sometimes, we have the time and skill to go to the mattresses with The Godfather and take down an entire Pain Family.

It’s not personal, it’s business. Really. It’s a predictable system. Once you know it, you’ll get along better, you’ll have less trouble and fewer people will hurt. This series of posts will help you out with that. You’ll see that there are times when Organized Pain leans on you and times when it makes you an offer you can’t refuse. You’ll see that this is for your own protection.

I’ll walk through the levels of Organized Pain with an example. It will take a few weeks and I have some other posts to get out in between. I’ll start at the bottom and work my way up. I will add these posts to category Organized Pain as I create them.

Tony Preston sees clients in Atlanta Georgia where he also teaches Integrative Bodywork.


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