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Deep Abdominals – Functional Anatomy

Deep Abdominals Deep abdominals, or the iliac muscles, connect vertebrae of the lower back and pelvis to the upper femur. They are the strongest flexors of the hip. The iliopsoas also laterally flexes the trunk.Continue reading

Trigger Points – Back is out but it hurts in the front

Client Description People complain of a stiff and/or painful back but it is most painful near the fold of the hip in the front. They move stiffly and tend to have other back problems. The low backContinue reading

Psoas Minor – Functional Anatomy

Psoas Minor Psoas minor connects the T12-L1 to the pubic bone. L2-L5 and the sacrum are trapped between them. Psoas minor is strongly connected to the iliac fascia and seems to tense that fascia toContinue reading