Self Care – Headache Spot Just Above The Temple

This trigger point can be activated by the same rocking, tilting and laying on a hard surface as the headache all-over or in a band. This one is more complicated but the good news is that it happens less often. Often, this created by bending the head back sharply like when you lay on your stomach to look up at a TV.

Stretching the back of your neck under a hot shower will often lessen the headache and is a good step before the icing. Take it forward and a bit to each side with the hot shower hitting the base of your head. keep your head moving, only holding the stretches for a second or two.

Often there is a little click at the top of your neck and the headache will disappear.

This pillow with the built-in ice pack from Amazon can offer relief, especially, if you tuck your chin. It is great when you are seated but it’s better to use these standard cloth-covered ice packs if you like to lay on the ice. One of those is included with the pillow if you want both options.

Click here for guidelines on using an ice pack safely and effectively.

These stretches can be effective. Spend a little extra time on #1, #2 and #3. Use the ice cube a little more along the base of your head beforehand. Usually, you only need to do the top of the neck.

The semispinalis capitis muscle is deep in the cervical musculature so take extra care in the stretch of the lower neck.

This is similar to several other headache patterns. See your neuromuscular therapist to sort that out and for longer-lasting relief.

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