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Trigger Point Patterns – Headaches – Cervicogenic

Cervicogenic Headaches are headaches that originate from the neck. Often, people say that they have a headache that really seems like a neckache that goes into the head. Also, people have headaches and neck tension that they do not associate with each other.

Many sites and texts do not reference the trigger point patterns of cervicogenic headaches. Instead, they offer other explanations for the patterns associated with these trigger points. Nonetheless, releasing these trigger points in the neck consistently relieves these headaches. There are infrequent exceptions.

Some cervicogenic headaches are not related to trigger point patterns. For instance, one of the patterns I explore in these posts comes from nerve entrapment that feeds the head’s back. In that case, however, releasing the trigger point of the entrapping muscle consistently relieves the burning and tingling in the back of the head. Additionally, there are other pathologies in the neck that produce headaches.

About Trigger Point Posts…

Trigger Point Posts have common sections to make them easy to follow and understand:

  • How People Describe this Pain Pattern
  • How You Activate and Intensify This Pattern
  • The Musculoskeletal Anatomy Behind You Pain
  • Getting Relief on Your Own
  • Therapy Notes for Massage and Bodywork

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