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Intrinsic Spine Muscles

Semispinalis Cervicis – Functional Anatomy

Overview Semispinalis cervicis fits between the deeper multifidi and the more superficial erectors and serratus anterior. It is a thin muscle that connects the transverse processes of the upper thoracic vertebrae with the mid-cervical vertebrae. Consequently, It is in a position to trap and compress the lower cervical vertebrae. Interestingly, the posterior rami of those …

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Rotatores and Multifidi – Functional Anatomy

Multifidi and Rotatores Multifidi and rotatores form a thick band of muscles that fill the lamina groove. They connect the proximal transverse process of a vertebra to the spinous process of the vertebrae above it. The shortest strand is the deepest. As the strands lengthen to span more vertebrae, they become more superficial. This forms a thick web …

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