Ethmoid / Vomer DistractionEthmoid / Vomer Distraction

Ethmoid / Vomer Distraction

The ethmoid/vomer technique targets mobility between the inferior edge of the perpendicular plate and the superior edge of the vomer.…

2 months ago

Thoracolumbar Release with AO-45

Overview This atlantooccipital release is specific for the CranioMuscular release of postural imbalances around the thoracolumbar joint. Soft Tissue Focus…

2 years ago

Pain Along One Side of the Sacrum – Massage Therapy Notes

Integrative Sequencing Assessment and Structural Release of Left Lateral Strain Technique The twist at L5/S1 is strongly connected to the…

3 years ago

Self Care – Pain Along One Side of the Sacrum

Avoid the teetering exercises listed in the post on this trigger point. This includes things like vacuuming, sweeping, raking, working…

3 years ago

Sharp Pain Between the Shoulder Blades – Massage Therapy Notes

This post contains massage and bodywork notes for that sharp pain between the shoulder blades. It is a problem that…

3 years ago

Self Care – Sharp Upper Back Pain Between the Shoulder Blades

Here, you will find strategies for relief through self-care for that sharp pain between your shoulder blades. If you'd like…

3 years ago

Quadratus Lumborum – Massage Therapy Notes

It is important to understand the shift in anatomy that occurs as a person ages. In their early teens, the…

3 years ago

Self Care – Multifidi and Quadratus Lumborum

Here you will find ways to get relief from pain created by the quadratus lumborum and multifidi. They work together…

3 years ago

Sacroiliac ligament – Neuromuscular Massage Protocol

This protocol treats the sacroiliac ligament through NMT. Pelvic balancing and other approaches are discussed in self-care and therapist notes.

3 years ago

Self Care – Cough less and cough with less pain

When you stop coughing, continue to practice social distancing. Act responsibly in protecting the health of yourself and others. Practically…

3 years ago